Unique Features

Our patent-pending, maintenance-free solutions feature a true visible open while providing a genuine “safe-to-work” isolation point. Our compact designs are able to fit into existing vaults and manholes, thus eliminating construction or retrofit expenses.

Vacuum Fault Interrupter Technology

Innovative Switchgear utilizes fault interrupter vacuum contacts in both our switches as well as our fault interrupters. By including fault interrupter vacuum contacts in our switches, operating crews can safely interrupt fault current by simply pulling the handle. Other manufacturers’ switches with load break switch contacts are not capable of interrupting fault current, and have a very limited number of fault closing operations. Innovative Switchgear is not similarly limited, and thus is, by far, the safest solution available today.


Visible Open Isolation Point

Innovative Switchgear’s visible open isolation point provides two important safety features in one design: (1) three contacts that are visibly open, and (2) a “safe to work” isolation point where the cables can be tested dead, and then grounded.  The vacuum fault interrupter contacts and the isolation point shaft are mechanically assembled in one complete design. They are functionally linked together so that the visible open isolation point contacts are always ‘opened’ last, after the vacuum contacts de-energize the circuit, and ‘closed’ first, before the vacuum contacts close in to energize the circuit. Thus, by pulling the single operating handle, operating crews de-energize the circuit, isolate the circuit, and create a visible open which is evidenced by viewing the open contacts through the tank viewing windows. Other manufacturers claim to offer a ‘visible open,’ but cannot ensure a “safe to work” environment.

Compact Design

By adopting Innovative Switchgear’s products, a utility company can solve multiple functionality, engineering and space utilization challenges. Innovative Switchgear’s solid-dielectric-in-air switches and fault interrupters are compact and, by design, replicate the size and shape of old oil-filled and SF6-filled switchgear without the presence of oil and SF6 gas. Our designs are modular in shape and can feature up to six ways in a single unit. One advantage of the compact size is that utility companies can now add fault interrupting capabilities where they previously only had switching capabilities, thereby bringing more functionality to a smaller amount of space. The only other options available in the marketplace are bigger, more complicated, and field-assembled by the customer itself. By contrast, Innovative Switchgear’s products are fully-assembled, factory-tested, and ready to be installed in the original vault (or similarly-sized vault).

No Maintenance

Innovative Switchgear’s products feature our state-of-the art vacuum fault interrupter technology in our load break switches and our fault interrupters. Our switchgear can perform up to thousands of self-adjusted, maintenance-free operations. Our switchgear products feature 304 stainless steel tanks and padmount enclosures which provide protection from the environment, and are non-corrosive. A reduction in maintenance represents an enormous cost savings annually to utilities.