Lower Total Cost of Ownership

For many switchgear purchases, the initial price of the equipment is the easiest part of the investment for a utility to quantify. That, however, is only one small part of the total cost of owning that piece of switchgear over its life-time.

By taking a “total cost of ownership” approach to purchasing switchgear, utilities can get a more comprehensive and accurate view of all the costs related to buying a particular brand or type of gear, including the cost of installing, supporting and maintaining the equipment over the expected useful life of that investment. Our utility customers want to get the most from their equipment dollars, and can benefit financially by viewing the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of certain gear, and by discovering tremendous cost saving alternatives and efficiencies.


Innovative Switchgear’s customers will experience significant savings as a result of purchasing our equipment. Here’s how:

1. Installation costs are reduced, if not eliminated.

By replicating the size, shape and bushing patterns of older equipment in all of our new designs, our customers can install replacement equipment in existing vaults, with existing cable configurations, entirely eliminating the cost of retrofitting an old vault. Likewise, new installations are able to follow existing construction standards, thereby lowering the cost of new vault locations. In addition, our equipment is factory sealed and tested, and requires no field assembly. Other switchgear available in the market place requires substantially more space (and simply will not fit into existing vault spaces), as well as extensive and time-consuming field assembly and testing. This is a calculable and real cost savings for you.

2. The addition of fault interruption protection increases reliability and reduces downtime.

By making available in each of its designs fault interruption protection, Innovative Switchgear has substantially increased the reliability of your network, and significantly reduced the risk of service outages. This represents an enormous cost savings as downtime, and the associated fees and penalties, can be significant. How do we do it? Old switchgear designs only offered load switching, while interrupting faults was performed at the substation circuit breaker, taking out every customer on the circuit. Our gear, though compact, provides the advantage of vacuum fault interrupter protection for both line and load protection out on the circuit and closer to the fault. Interrupting faults where they occur means that more customers never see an outage. Protection provides a very real cost savings for you.

3. Our gear is maintenance-free which represents enormous cost savings.

Innovative Switchgear’s equipment—by design—is maintenance-free. There is no oil to test or SF6 gas to refill; and, therefore, all of the costs associated with doing and keeping track of these activities is entirely eliminated. In addition, when you get rid of the need to pull oil samples to check for explosive vapors, or to re-fill leaking SF6 equipment, you also eliminate network downtime that would otherwise be required in order to service your equipment. All of this translates into cost savings for you.

4. There is no recordkeeping and reporting with our gear, and the cost of doing so is entirely eliminated.

With switchgear containing oil or SF6 gas on your networks, you have equipment with the potential to leak. Thus, you are required to keep records of such oil and/or gas. Periodic and continual measurements must be taken in the event of a leak, and all of this costly recordkeeping must be submitted to certain regulatory agencies. Conversely, when you have switchgear containing no oil or SF6 gas on your networks, you eliminate the potential for risky leaks as well as the enormous labor and record-keeping costs associated with such potential hazards. This is a direct and very real cost savings for you.

5. Eliminating the potential for a hazardous situation eliminates the cost of hazardous clean-ups.

When you have switchgear containing oil or SF6 gas on your networks, you have equipment with the potential to leak, and thus the potential to create a hazardous site for clean-up. Specifically, when oil-filled switchgear leaks, it must be treated and reported as a hazardous location. If the leaking oil reaches a body of water, there are even more penalties and reporting requirements. Likewise, SF6 gas leaks demand specific reporting requirements to the EPA, and may include having the equipment removed from service and analyzed for causation. With an eye toward our customers and the environment, Innovative Switchgear engineered its products to contain no oil or gas, eliminating the potential for hazards as well as the associated costs. Our gear is engineered to save you money.

6. Safer gear means less financial exposure for you, and increased safety for your employees and your community.

Our gear is engineered for safety. Our top priority is safety. The lives of your employees and those in your community are at risk when there is oil-filled equipment and SF6 filled-equipment on your networks, and in your neighborhoods and cities. Oil-filled equipment has the potential to explode and catastrophically impact lives. SF6 gas is a greenhouse gas as determined by the EPA, and thus is damaging to the environment. Moreover, arcing in SF6 equipment during normal operation or due to low pressure creates hazardous by-products (S2F10 gas and a fluorine powder residue) to which operating crews and the public are exposed. By installing equipment that contains no oil or SF6, utilities directly impact the wellness and safety of their employees, the community, and the environment—not to mention, radically reduce the potential for injury, illness, and the financial exposure associated with both. Safer gear saves lives and saves you money.

7. When the switchgear that you invest in lasts longer, you save money—it’s that simple.

Our gear is engineered to last at least thirty years. With no required maintenance, lifespan is determined by the number of operations, and the integrity of the equipment. Our gear, unlike any in the marketplace today, contains no oil or SF6 gas, and is made of permanently sealed 304 stainless steel. Accordingly, even in harsh environmental conditions such as saltwater, high humidity, wildlife, vegetation, our sealed tanks are impenetrable. Our robust solutions ensure the operation and reliability of your networks over their expected lifespan. A longer lifespan for your investment means a significant cost savings for you.