Key Benefits

Our solid-dielectric-in-air technology is simpler and safer than traditional switchgear, and is more environmentally friendly, because our products do not contain oil or SF6 gas.


Proven in the laboratory and in the field, Innovative Switchgear’s products are creating a safer, more reliable working environment for utility crews and the communities they serve. Our switchgear contains no oil or SF6 gas for insulation or to extinguish the arc. Such oil, which is contained within hundreds of thousands of pieces of switchgear throughout our communities, is highly flammable and thus presents enormous risks to the operating crews, and our communities. Similarly, there are hundreds of thousands of units in operation that contain SF6 gas (identified by the EPA as the #1 greenhouse gas), as well as deadly by-products resulting from arcing and extinguishing in SF6 gas. Innovative Switchgear decided that flammable oil and SF6 are too dangerous for utilities and for our communities, and thus designed its IEEE-certified, fully insulated units which contain no oil or gas. Innovative Switchgear has completely redefined the possibilities for switchgear safety.



Innovative Switchgear equipment includes vacuum fault interrupter technology with overcurrent relays. This improves coordination and increases reliability by interrupting faults on the circuits where they occur, and without taking other customers out of service unnecessarily. This ability to interrupt the fault, locate it quickly, and reduce the duration and extent of the outage has a direct and valuable impact on the utility’s rating with the public utility commission, as well as its bottom line. Innovative Switchgear helps you keep the lights on, and has completely redefined the possibilities for switchgear reliability.

Flexibility (Streamlining and Simplifying Your Infrastructure)

Innovative Switchgear will work with your engineering team to identify problems and to craft long-term, complete solutions with clearly established value and success criteria. This may come in the form of introducing fault interruption where load switching and single-phase fusing previously existing. By including our fault interrupter technology, a visible open isolation point and single-handle operation, utilities can eliminate multiple pieces of dated switchgear as well as junction bars, molded switches without a visible open and/or fuse cabinets. This will further reduce the complexity, confusion and danger associated with operating multiple pieces of equipment in a single vault. Innovative Switchgear has completely redefined how to solve the problems facing utilities today.


Innovative Switchgear’s equipment is engineered to last at least thirty years. Our products are fully sealed within 304 stainless steel tanks and enclosures which are designed to protect and extend the lifespan of the equipment. This provides significant financial benefits when considering the total cost of ownership of switchgear equipment. Innovative Switchgear has completely redefined the possibilities for switchgear longevity.

Environmentally Responsible

By design, Innovative Switchgear’s technology is more environmentally friendly because our designs do not contain any flammable or explosive oil, ozone-depleting SF6 gas (a greenhouse gas), or deadly by-products resulting from arcing and extinguishing in SF6 gas. Thus, our products are safer for operating crews, the public, and the environment. Also, after a long life in service, Innovative Switchgear’s equipment can be disposed of without costly reporting to various regulatory agencies. Innovative Switchgear has completely redefined the possibilities for reducing, if not entirely eliminating, the environmental impact of conventional switchgear.