Innovative Switchgear devices can be applied to circuits ranging from 4kV to 27kV with fault-interrupting capabilities of 12.5kA, 16kA and 20kA, today.

Load Switching and Fault Interrupting

Innovative Switchgear’s products feature vacuum fault interrupter contacts in all of our load-break switches and fault interrupters. Our switchgear is IEEE C37.60 – 2012 and IEEE C37.74 – 2003 certified, and can be applied to circuits ranging from 4kV to 27kV, with fault-interrupting capabilities of 12.5kA, 16kA and 20kA. Our products are solid-dielectric-in-air, and contain no flammable oil or SF6 gas. Each product is rated to 600 amps of continuous load current, and we provide either 200 amp or 600 amp terminations based upon the customer’s requirements. Our vaultmount, submersible and padmount equipment is available in up to six way configurations, and in any combination of load-break switching and/or fault interrupting. Our products can be manually operated, or motor operated, and are field-upgradable to full automation.


Control, Automation and Communication

Innovative Switchgear offers a control package for many of your local or remote automation and communication applications. Each of these packages includes our submersible motor operator, and a Schweitzer Engineering Lab automation control relay. Our control, automation and communication solution provides for two 3-phase analog voltage inputs, and up to five 3-phase analog current inputs. The SEL controls communicate via radio, fiber-optics, and/or cellular phone/modem to your SCADA systems. These control packages provide solutions for auto-transfer applications, programming abilities for fault interrupting and line sectionalizing logic, as well as offer directional and differential relay protection. Automation and Ancillary Products


Innovative Switchgear offers state-of-the art protection devices that provide the intelligence to interrupt fault currents. We also feature current transformers sealed within each tank to shield the CTs from the elements, as well as for ease of connecting to the over current protection relay.