In addition to delivering a superior product, Innovative Switchgear offers a total solution that solves multiple engineering, functionality, operational and space utilization challenges faced by most utilities. Innovative Switchgear will work with your engineering team to identify these challenges and to craft long-term, complete solutions with clearly established value and success criteria.

Whether you are trying to:

  • Eliminate the dangers of flammable oil and SF6 gas,
  • Pack more functionality into a smaller amount of space,
  • Establish protection where previously only switching was possible,
  • Develop and strengthen the reliability of your network,
  • Create a safer work environment for your employees and your community,
  • Reduce the lower total cost of ownership of switchgear to your utility,
  • Reduce the risk and exposure associated with dated equipment and strained infrastructure,
  • Reduce the utility customer downtime and avoid penalties and fines,
  • Reduce, or even eliminate, the impact of your utility on the environment,


Innovative Switchgear has a solution for you. By solving all of these issues with one line of proven-effective products, you reduce risk while improving performance using the best-engineered switchgear in the industry.