Vaultmount 5 Way Switchgear Products

Innovative Switchgear’s solid-dielectric-in-air vaultmount switches and fault interrupters are fully factory assembled. Our equipment is compact and replicates the size, shape, and bushing patterns of old oil-filled and SF6-filled switchgear without the presence of oil and SF6 gas. One key advantage of the compact size is that utilities can now add fault interrupting capabilities where they previously only had switching capabilities. Our designs can feature up to six ways in a single unit, are available in 12.5kA, 16kA and 20kA, and are suitable for 4kV – 27kV applications. We feature our visible open isolation point which is visible from a safe working distance away from the switchgear. Each unit is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and is sealed and dead-front. All of our vaultmount products come with an adjustable mounting stand which can be raised or lowered to match existing cable termination lengths. Our vaultmount products are submersible and fully-sealed, and not subject to moisture intrusion. It is the ideal solution for new and replacement projects.

Download a complete one-line chart PDF for all Vaultmount 5 Way Switchgear Products products.

Load-Break Switch Applications:

Innovative Switchgear provides vacuum fault interrupter contacts in every load-break switch it manufactures. By featuring fault interrupter contacts (in lieu of load-break contacts) in all switch applications, Innovative Switchgear offers a remarkable added measure of safety, reliability and operational duty over conventional load-break switches. In addition, Innovative Switchgear’s internal switch mechanism is dual certified to both IEEE C37.74 2003/2014 (switch standard) and IEEE C37.60 2012 (fault interrupter standard) which means that our switches are the safest, most durable, and most reliable in the marketplace today.

Fault Interrupter Applications:

Innovative Switchgear’s fault interrupters meet the IEEE C37.60 2012 standard, and include internally mounted current transformers and substation quality microprocessor relays. These products provide 3-phase 600 amp load current interruption, as well as 12.5 kA, 16 kA and 20 kA fault interruption. Our fault interrupters feature both Schneider Electric and Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL) relays as our standard protection devices.

Innovative Switchgear’s equipment features:

  • Solid-dielectric-in-air design, and contains no flammable oil or SF6 gas.
  • Suitable for 4kV – 27kV applications.
  • A patent-pending visible open isolation point which is visible from a safe working distance.
  • Single-handle operation to de-energize, isolate and create a visible open.
  • Ease of operation and use.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • 304 stainless steel switch tanks that are sealed and dead-front construction.
  • 304 stainless steel padmount enclosures that are powder-coated for appearance and durability.
  • Submersible-rated 304 stainless steel connectors.
  • Fully factory assembled and tested.
  • All switch tanks are submersible-rated, fully-sealed, and not subject to moisture intrusion, even when submerged in 10 feet of water.
  • Both switches and vacuum fault interrupters dual certified to both IEEE C37.60 2012 and IEEE C37.74 – 2003 2014.
  • Rated for 600 amps of continuous load current, and featuring either 200 amp or 600 amp terminations based upon the customer’s requirements.
  • Available in up to six ways, and in any combination of switching and/or fault interrupting.
  • Manually or motor operated. Motor operation available on every way.
  • Welded-in terminations.
  • Field-upgradeable to automation.
  • Open/close vacuum contact position indicators are highly reflective and thus easily visible.
  • Subsurface, vaultmount switchgear can be floor mounted, wall mounted or mounted on a stainless steel stand.
  • Bolt-on parking stands that are located where cables can actually be parked. The bolt-on feature provides the flexibility to remove them for installation through a manhole.
  • Optional end lifting provisions for vaultmount applications for each of lowering units by one end.
  • Adjustable wall support brackets for seismic restraints.
  • “Pull-to-close” rope operators available.
  • Optional 304 structural stainless steel stands for all applications.