Single-sided Padmount Switchgear Products

Innovative Switchgear’s solid-dielectric-in-air single-sided padmount switches and fault interrupters are compact, replicate the size and shape of existing air-filled, oil-filled and SF6-filled switchgear. We also replicate the bushing patterns of older equipment to make replacement even easier. Our padmount switchgear features our visible open isolation point which is visible from a safe working distance. Our units come fully factory assembled, and provide thousands of maintenance-free load-break operations. In addition, our units are operated by a single handle, are modular in shape and can feature up to six ways in a single unit. Our switchgear is available in 12.5 kA, 16 kA and 20 kA, and is suitable for 4kV – 27kV applications. Each unit, including the tank and the high voltage enclosure, is constructed of 304 stainless steel, and is sealed and dead-front. Our switch tanks are submersible and fully-sealed, and not subject to moisture intrusion. It is the ideal solution for harsh environments, extreme weather and coastal applications. All padmount switchgear is available with a variety of over-current protection and communications solutions.