Automation and Ancillary Products

Innovative Switchgear offers a variety of ancillary products to support your switchgear.

products-relayAutomation, Protection and Communication: SEL Over-Current Relays

Innovative Switchgear includes a variety of SEL programmable, microprocessor over-current relays which are the foundation of our all-in-one automation, protection and communication platforms for distribution-automation and SCADA applications. The SEL relays (currently including the SEL-751, SEL-451, SEL-487e) are full-featured relays which allow for control of motor operation, as well as communication of voltage and current through a variety of means, including radio, cellular modem, or fiber optics. SEL relays can quickly integrate into serial- or Ethernet-based communications with IEC 61850, MIRRORED BITS, Modbus, DNP3, and other protocols. Programming and downloading are achieved through a variety of options, depending upon the specific application.

Innovative Switchgear’s automation, protection and control solutions are available with the following features:

  • FT1 test switches that allow ease of field testing.
  • Three-phase voltage inputs.
  • Power supply with auto-battery monitoring.
  • DC battery back-up system.
  • Push-button controls for local motor operator control.
  • Real Time Automation Control (RTAC) which streamlines communication between multiple relays for SCADA and automatic transfer.
  • Thermostatically controlled heater.
  • Submersible or vented 304 stainless steel enclosure for both padmount and submersible applications.
  • Programmable toggle switches.
  • Auxiliary input for local testing.
  • Inputs for external voltage and current inputs.
  • Connectorized control cabinet for ease of installation.
  • Pendant control.
  • IRIG GPS clock.
  • Rugged 11-gauge, 304 stainless steel control cabinet and door.
  • Repeatable door sealing system.




products-relayProtection: Over-Current Relay

Innovative Switchgear offers the Schneider Electric P116 dual-powered (CT and/or other auxiliary power) over-current feeder protection relay for use in distribution circuits. The P116 is a substation quality, reliable, fully-programmable, micro-processor over-current relay that can coordinate with other protected devices in distribution circuits. Innovative Switchgear provides internally mounted current transformers to power the relay. The P116 is an ideal solution when auxiliary power is not available or unreliable. The P116 includes a built-in USB port for fast connection to the setting software (MiCOM S1 Studio).

The P116 includes the following specific features:

  • Recording of faults, events and disturbances.
  • RS485 communication ports.
  • Capacitive discharge output for tripping.
  • Programmable magnetic and LED fault indication.
  • Selectable measuring criteria: True RMS or fundamental frequency current measurements.

The P116 is fully powered by a laptop through the USB connection for programming or downloading events.  Durable, “draw out” construction allows for easy removal and auto-shorting of the CTs for in-field testing. The P116 is contained within a rugged, submersible-rated enclosure with a variety of mounting options, including a padmount door bracket, a wall-mounted tray, or a ceiling-mounted tray.




products-motor-operatorLocal Automation: Motor Operators

Innovative Switchgear’s state-of-the-art motor operators are 24 volt DC powered, constructed of 304 stainless steel, and are sealed and submersible rated. The motor operator is compact, and bolts directly to the operating handle housing for ease of field installation and future upgradability. Each motor operator comes with mounting hardware, connector pins and adjustable linkages to connect the motor operator to the operating handle. The quick-disconnect linkage allows for field testing and operation of the motor operator without interrupting service to the customer.




products-pendant-controlLocal Automation: Pendant Control

Innovative Switchgear’s pendant control is a portable, handheld, cabled control which allows for remote operation, and status confirmation of each way located within the vault. The pendant control dramatically increases personnel safety by placing crews outside of the arc flash boundary. Maintenance personnel can remotely open and close any position without being in front of the equipment. The standard cable length is 20’ while other lengths are available. The pendant control comes in a highly durable, submersible-rated case that can be disconnected and carried from vault to vault.

  • Heavy-duty switches that can withstand high-duty field operation.
  • Industrial push-buttons.
  • Daylight rated LEDs.
  • 120 volt AC to 24 volt DC power supply.




products-pendant-controlLocal Automation: Junction Boxes

Innovative Switchgear’s submersible-rated junction box allows for pendant control of multi-way switchgear. The junction box makes possible the highest level of personnel safety, time savings, and operational flexibility when maintaining vaults that are in more challenging locations such as in streets, under water, and near heavily trafficked walkways. The junction box brings together the status, trip circuits, and CTs from the switch tank, and the status of the external motor operators, allowing for remote operability and control of each position.

Junction boxes include:

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Durable, submersible-rated 304 stainless steel connectors.
  • CT shorting blocks.
  • Pressure test port.
  • Optional 120v AC input connection.
  • Variety of mounting options.




products-pendant-controlCommunication: Radio/Engineering Access Enclosure

Innovative Switchgear’s submersible radio/engineering access enclosure remotely positions the SCADA communications radio outside of the main control cabinet. This solves a multitude of challenges currently facing communications crews who require radio access but may not enter the vault for a variety of safety and clearance reasons. This allows communications crews/engineers to download events or change settings on the relay remotely.

  • Submersible-rated communication and power cable.
  • Rugged, highly durable, submersible-rated case.