Innovative Switchgear’s Updated Website Features Newly Expanded Automation, Protection and Communication Platform

June 28, 2016

Redesigned Website Features Entire Product Line Visibility including One-Line Charts, Sample Drawings and More Comprehensive Coverage of All Automation, Protection and Communications Solutions

DACONO, Colorado – Innovative Switchgear™ (ISG) today announced the launch of a substantial website update which unveiled its newly expanded local and SCADA automation and protection platforms. These platforms include over-current relays, motor operators, pendant controls, junction boxes and radio/engineering enclosures, all of which are engineered to drive expanded functionality, increased operator safety, and unprecedented reliability. In addition, ISG also launched a substantial website update that provides an “easier-to-use” platform from which to maneuver through a wide array of solutions being offered to solve utility distribution challenges.

SEL_751_Submersible_SCADA_Package_lightenedInnovative Switchgear’s solutions feature a variety of SEL programmable, microprocessor over-current relays which are the foundation of our all-in-one automation, protection and communication platforms for distribution-automation and SCADA applications. The SEL relays (currently including the SEL-751, SEL-451, SEL-487e) are full-featured relays which allow for control of motor operation, as well as communication of voltage and current through a variety of means, including radio, cellular modem, or fiber optics.

Innovative Switchgear also offers portable, handheld cabled pendant controls which allow for remote operation and status confirmation, and which dramatically increase personnel safety by placing crews outside of the vault and arc flash boundary. In addition, junction boxes and radio/ engineering enclosures make possible the highest level of personnel safety, time savings, and operational flexibility when maintaining vaults that are in more challenging locations such as in streets, under water, and near heavily trafficked walkways. All of these products are presently available.

Website Expansion: Inform, Educate and Equip. The most significant additions to the newly expanded website include one-line charts and sample drawings for each of Innovative Switchgear’s full family of switchgear product offerings, as well as an entirely new ancillary product section. The one-line charts include ratings and dimensional information in a single .pdf format, and are located on each product page. Innovative Switchgear invites you to our website located at As always, our goal is to inform, educate, and equip our customers with solutions, answers, options, and information, and our user-friendly, fully-developed website is just one element of that overall mission.

Innovating Functionality, Safety, and Reliability. “As a technology innovator in the switchgear industry, it is important for us to make information regarding our solutions, products and technology easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. We endeavor to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable, and most cost effective switchgear. Along with that, we strive to share our knowledge and expertise in the field, so as to bring the best solutions to bear on the challenges that our customers face.” Dan Blackburn, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Innovative Switchgear.

About Innovative Switchgear Solutions. Innovative Switchgear is the pioneer in designing and building premium quality, feature-rich, medium voltage solid dielectric-in-air switchgear for applications ranging from 4kV to 25kV that include a remarkable patent pending visible open isolation point design. Our products represent the new industry standard for safety, environmental responsibility and are entirely maintenance free. We deliver a total solution which solves a multitude of engineering, functionality, operations, and space utilization challenges. Our maintenance-free products for both switch and interrupter applications are based upon patent-pending insulating and safety innovations, eliminating the many risks associated with oil or SF6 gas in conventional switchgear. Our engineering and sales personnel are available to help you with your power distribution needs, and to help you keep the lights on.