Innovative Switchgear Announces Year of Unprecedented Growth, Product Expansion and Strong Market Reception

June 2, 2017

DACONO, Colorado – Innovative Switchgear Solutions, Inc., the technology frontrunner in the medium voltage distribution switchgear sector, announced today the expansion of its website, and another quarter of unprecedented earnings, taking revenue steadily up an estimated three times annual growth trajectory. The company’s updated website now features over 380 different switchgear configurations, as well as ISG’s new automation platform. The new website can be found at

“We are quite pleased with the growth and market reception that we saw in 2016 and are extremely optimistic that 2017 will be another year of industry record-breaking growth for Innovative Switchgear,” said Robert Kocol, Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Switchgear. “We are no longer the new kid on the block. In an industry characterized by ancient technology and painfully long lead times, our solution-oriented technology, and our responsiveness to our customers has been incredibly well-received. Our sights are firmly set on the challenges of rapid but managed growth, and, of course, celebrating many more milestones in 2017.”

At a recent customer installation, four 48-hour outages were set for a series of retrofit installations at a resort hotel at an amusement park. It was imperative that these installations went seamlessly, and stayed within the 48-hour planned outage so as not to impact hotel guests. The project involved setting new units on existing padmount foundations, as well as re-terminating cables switching from live front connectors to dead-front elbows, among other things. Much to the customer’s great satisfaction and surprise, Innovative Switchgear’s equipment was installed in only four hours per installation, as opposed to the planned 48 hours each.

Dan Blackburn, Vice President, Sales and Marketing expounded, “Our overall success is largely due to the breadth of our product offering, the ingenuity of our solutions, and the ease of installation, all of which have allowed us a significant presence in 8 of the top 10 IOUs (investor owned utilities). We are in over 60% of the largest IOUs, and in numerous other customers including universities, railroads, and entertainment parks.”

Earlier this year, Innovative Switchgear introduced its latest automation solution for Auto Transfer applications. This summer, Innovative Switchgear plans to introduce the submersible version of its latest Auto Transfer solution, as just one more part of its expanding local, auto transfer, and SCADA automation and protection platforms. These platforms include over-current relays, motor operators, pendant controls, junction boxes and radio/engineering access enclosures, all of which are engineered to drive expanded functionality, increased operator safety, and unprecedented reliability.

About Innovative Switchgear Solutions. Innovative Switchgear is the pioneer in designing and building premium quality, feature-rich, medium voltage solid dielectric-in-air switchgear for applications ranging from 4kV to 27kV that include a remarkable patent pending visible open isolation point design. Our products represent the new industry standard for safety, environmental responsibility and are entirely maintenance free. We deliver a total solution which solves a multitude of engineering, functionality, operations, and space utilization challenges. Our maintenance-free products for both switch and interrupter applications are based upon patent-pending insulating and safety innovations, eliminating the many risks associated with oil or SF6 gas in conventional switchgear. Our engineering and sales personnel are available to help you with your power distribution needs, and to help you keep the lights on.