Innovative Switchgear Announces New 20kA Fault Interrupting Rating At 15.5kV

July 15, 2015

DACONO, Colorado – Innovative Switchgear Solutions today announced a major addition to its product line ratings, fundamentally redefining underground switchgear safety and reliability in high density or rapid growth markets. A leading innovator and solution-focused manufacturer of switchgear, Innovative Switchgear now offers load break switches and fault interrupters rated at 15.5kV, 20kA symmetrical, 32 kA asymmetrical, 52kA peak current, and 600 amps. The Company has successfully passed the symmetrical fault interrupting current and switching tests per IEEE Standard C37.60-2012, as well as the switching, peak current withstand and fault making tests per IEEE Standard C37.74-2014.

Simply Safer. Innovative Switchgear’s expanded product ratings solve, among other things, the safety and high fault current issues associated with “paralleling” transformers. This often occurs in metropolitan areas experiencing rapid population growth, as well as in high density settings such as universities and college campuses, large manufacturers, amusement parks, and refineries. Paralleling transformers to accommodate this rapid growth generally results in having switchgear and other equipment downstream that is underrated and dangerous for their present higher fault currents. Innovative Switchgear’s higher ratings, which are available across its entire product line, provide customers with a seamless and immediate solution, and these new ratings are available immediately.

Delivering Choice. Innovative Switchgear now offers high fault interrupting capabilities in addition to its visible open isolation point – and without oil or SF6 gas. This combination of essential features is offered by no other switchgear manufacturer. Now, customers can substantially reduce, if not eliminate, the risks associated with having flammable oil and/or SF6 gas, and deadly by-products on their networks.

“All of Innovative Switchgear’s solid dielectric-in-air products are solution-engineered, and come from a long history of listening to utility engineers grapple with problems for which there was nothing available in the marketplace. We don’t just design and sell switchgear; rather, we are committed to creating one solution after another for our customers. We are delighted to be able to offer these new higher fault interrupting ratings, and they are available now.” Dan Blackburn, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Innovative Switchgear.

Roger Schafer, Chief Technology Officer, Innovative Switchgear, stated, “We are extremely pleased with our robust designs. It was tested according to the required standards, and as they say, we passed with flying colors. We know what utility engineers are up against, and we are all about delivering real solutions to solve their very real challenges.”

About Innovative Switchgear Solutions
Innovative Switchgear is the pioneer in designing and building premium quality, feature-rich, medium voltage solid dielectric-in-air switchgear for applications ranging from 4kV to 25kV that include a remarkable patent pending visible open isolation point design. Our products represent the new industry standard for safety, environmental responsibility and are entirely maintenance free. We deliver a total solution, which solves a multitude of engineering, functionality, operations, and space utilization challenges. Our maintenance-free products for both switch and interrupter applications are based upon patent-pending insulating and safety innovations, eliminating the many risks associated with oil or SF6 gas in conventional switchgear. Our engineering and sales personnel are available to help you with your power distribution needs. Additional information about Innovative Switchgear Solutions can be found at


Innovative Switchgear Solutions, Inc. Ratings Table

Voltage: 15.5 kV 15.5 kV 17.5 kV 25 kV
Continuous Current: 600/200 A * 600 A 600 A 600/200 A *
Load-Break Current: 600/200 A * 600 A 600 A 600/200 A *
Basic Insulation Level (BIL): 95 kV 95 kV 110 kV 125 kV
Make and Latch (Sym): 12,500 A 20,000 A 16,000 A 12,500 A
Fault Interrupting Current (Sym): 12,500 A 20,000 A 16,000 A 12,500 A
Fault Interrupting Current (Asym): 20,000 A 32,000 A 25,600 A 20,000 A
Peak Current: 32,500 A 52,000 A 41,600 A 32,500 A
Mechanical Operations: 7500 2000 2000 7500

VFI-Switch and VFI-Trip mechanisms are dual certified to both IEEE C37.74-2003/2014 and C37.60-2012.
* 200 amp terminations are rated per the IEEE 386 standard for 10 kA symmetrical, 13 kA