Our Team

team-photo-lisaLisa Sattler Blackburn—President and General Counsel

Lisa Blackburn has been Innovative Switchgear’s President and General Counsel since its inception, and is involved in the management of all high-level affairs of the company. Lisa is directly responsible for Innovative Switchgear’s legal activities, including intellectual property.  Lisa also oversees human resources, administration, and corporate communications. Prior to joining Innovation Switchgear, she was an intellectual property trial attorney and partner in a major international law firm. Lisa earned a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University School of Law, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Mills College. She is a member of the Colorado and California Bars.

team-photo-bobBobby Kocol—Chief Executive Officer

Bobby Kocol joined Innovative Switchgear in 2013, and is its Chief Executive Officer. Bobby oversees Innovative Switchgear’s vision and strategy by managing prioritization, decision ownership, resource alignment and accountability across the company. He is responsible for driving operational excellence while building capabilities for future growth. Prior to joining Innovative Switchgear, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Storage Technology Corporation, where he helped orchestrate its $4.1 billion acquisition by Sun Microsystems. He has 35 years of experience with a broad background in operational and financial management, including serving in various board positions. Bobby received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Mississippi State University and holds an MBA from Florida Technology University.

team-photo-danDan Blackburn—Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Dan Blackburn is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Innovative Switchgear Solutions, and is responsible for the company’s sales and business development functions. Dan has more than 17 years of experience in the medium voltage distribution switchgear industry, where most of his efforts have been leading sales organizations to consistent record breaking sales year after year. His in-depth knowledge of underground equipment applications coupled with a comprehensive understanding of utility requirements concerning switching, protection, automation and SCADA enables him to offer significant input and value in providing customer solutions. Dan earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in Computer Science and Marketing from Akron University.

team-photo-rogerRoger Schafer—Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Engineering

Roger Schafer has been an innovator and designer in the medium voltage distribution switchgear industry for 40 years. Roger defined Innovative Switchgear’s technology innovation strategy, which will transform how utilities undertake distribution. Roger successfully tested Innovative Switchgear’s solid dielectric vacuum fault interrupter technology at 12.5kA, 16kA and 20kA, and from 4kV to 27kV, receiving the required IEEE certification from Powertech Labs, Inc. in British Columbia. He is the named inventor on five patent applications presently pending before the U.S.P.T.O. and has led the development of Innovative Switchgear’s multiple equipment, protection and automation product offerings. Roger often presents to audiences and forums of engineers on switchgear-related topics.

team-photo-jeffJeff Begalle—Director of Supply Chain Management

Jeff Begalle joined Innovative Switchgear in 2013 and serves as its Director of Supply Chain Management. Jeff oversees production, quality control, logistics and supply chain development. He has been involved in manufacturing operations for 35 years, including Fortune 500 multi-national experience, and has served as an ISO auditor. Jeff has received numerous corporate awards and recognition for process development, streamlining operations and enhancing the bottom line through the implementation of lean principles. Prior to joining ISG, Jeff held various manufacturing and materials management positions with StorageTek, Sun Microsystems and Power Tagging Technologies. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

team-photo-chaseChase Wallace—Engineering Manager

Chase Wallace joined Innovative Switchgear in 2013 as a Senior Engineer. Chase is the liaison between Design Engineering and Manufacturing, and is responsible for the seamless turnover of products between these key functional areas. Chase is also involved in product designs, engineering documentation and control, as well as leading efforts to ensure design for manufacturing (DFM). Chase’s roles include production readiness through the development of assembly and test instructions and test/assembly fixture designs. Prior to joining Innovative Switchgear, Chase held various engineering positions with Schlumberger and Nspire Health. Chase holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University.