Innovative Switchgear is the industry’s most leading-edge electrical distribution switchgear manufacturer, delivering total solutions that solve a multitude of engineering, functionality, operations, and space utilization challenges faced by most utilities today.


Safety Innovation

From its inception, Innovative Switchgear refused to “do things the way they have always been done.” Instead, we studied the challenges our customers faced and considered the features they had desired for decades. Then, our designers and engineers set their sights on creating the very best solutions for even the most difficult applications. The resulting line of products for both switch and interrupter applications are based upon our patent-pending insulating and safety innovations, which eliminate the risks associated with the complete absence of oil or SF6 gas. We make people safer, switchgear more reliable, and provide protection where it previously was not possible. We are the future of switchgear.

Headquartered in Dacono, Colorado, Innovative Switchgear has assembled a leadership team consisting of industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs.